Step 1: Destination

Decide where you would like your marketing activity to take your business.

  1. Reach: Get your brand in front people who  don’t yet know about you (ideal for one-time sales).
  2. Convert: Turn more of the people who already know of you into customers (ideal for repeatable sales).
  3. Combine: Attract new prospect and convert more into customers (ideal for multi-vertical businesses).

Need Help Choosing?

Step 2: Check-in

Ensure you have all of your marketing “ESSENTIAL MUST-HAVE’s” before going any further!

  1. Website: Ensure you have a platform at the centre of all your marketing activities (can be lead-gen or ecommerce).
  2. Tracking: Ensure you have the means to track and monitor the impact of your marketing activities (think analytics).

Don’t Have Your Essentials?

Step 3: Take-off

Sit back and let our experienced captain and his trusted crew take care of your marketing journey!

  1. Route: We will find the most direct route, and the appropriate stop-overs for long-haul projects.
  2. Instruments: We will ensure we deploy the necessary tools and fine-tune any settings needed for a smooth flight.
  3. Checks: We will keep an eye on all the essential information to ensure we are always on track.

First Time Nerves?

Step 4: On-flight

While you dedicate your time to other areas of your business, we will ensure your journey is a comfortable one.

  1. Essentials: We will supply you with all you essentials throughout your journey (think status reports).
  2. Extras: You will be able to see your exact location or ask us for anything at anytime (direct access to live data).

Can We Offer You Anything Else?

Step 5: Landing

As we approach your desired marketing destination, we will do our best to ensure you choose to fly with us again.

  1. Assessment: We will review the entire marketing project and learn from what we could do more of (or improve).
  2. Planning: We will provide you with everything you need to plan the next leg of your journey.

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